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Saturday - Closed (as of March 1, 2014)

International Safe specializes in storage of computer records for companies that store their vital information in diskettes, fiches, tapes, or any computer media, and thus are liable to suffer heavy losses if their computer media is lost, destroyed or damaged by human error, sabotage, fire floods, accidents, or changes in temperature and humidity.

Although the computer age has indeed simplified corporate functions, new dangers loom for automated firms: 90% of the companies that suffered serious interruptions to their data processing go out of business. When company survival is at stake, the only way to protect invaluable information is to store a duplicate set of data off premises. This fact is known by all managers of computers centers and is validated by every responsible auditing firm, for they know that simply maintaining a duplicate set in a "safe place" on premises is inadequate, even if you have a safe in your company...

We are the only firm in Puerto Rico that offers Island-based companies the special controlled and safe storage area you need to keep your back-up since 1983. International Safe Deposit & Courier Services Corp. is committed with safety and security at levels where company warehouses, and even banking facilities could never be. Our firm spares no effort in offering the business and industrial community in Puerto Rico, the safest environment possible for storing your back-up media.


LUNES 15 de Enero: Estaremos abierto hasta la 1:00pm


Por seguridad no estamos dando este servicio

En  caso de emergencia extrema, considere los horarios:

 Temprano en la mañana a partir de las 7:00 am,

y por la noche antes de las 9:00 pm

Posteado 23-oct-17

Crisis provocada por el  Huracan Maria   

           International Safe Deposit estará laborando de Lunes a Viernes de 9:00 am a 4:00 pm mientras estemos en esta emergencia por el huracán María.

            Si necesita que le demos Servicio de Acarreo, les ofrecemos las siguientes opciones:

  1.  Envíenos un email con su solicitud y llámenos al 787-792-9877 para confirmar que fue recibido.  Les acomodaremos según las compañías que han pedido.

 2.  Si su solicitud es urgente, un empleado puede venir y buscar los backups, siempre y cuando esté autorizado a entrar.  Si no tiene a nadie autorizado para poder acceder y buscar sus  backups, envíenos un email con su solicitud y llámenos. Nosotros sacaremos los mismos.  Incluya el nombre de la persona que venga a recoger.

Cualquier duda o pregunta puede comunicarse con nuestras oficinas.  Estamos para servirles.

Posteado 2-oct-17  11:30 am

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